Round 1 Roundup: Northampton


As we start moving on to Round 2 in Northampton, let’s take a moment to revisit round 1.   Week 1 in Northampton: Pizzeria Paradiso vs. Papa Gino’s Several of us were really pulling for Papa Gino’s for nostalgia reasons, but we could not deny Pizzeria Paradiso’s quality, flavor, and crust.  Papa Gino’s is a … Read more

Pizzeria Paradiso vs. Filo’s Taverna


Believe it or not we’ve made it to Round 2 in our Northampton league, and with eight contestants remaining these are also the quarter finals!  At this point we have flushed out some obvious dogs (I’m looking at you Domino’s) and said tearful goodbyes to cherished boyhood memories (bye bye Papa Gino’s, we love you), and are … Read more

Big Y vs. Joe’s Pizza and Spaghetti


Here we are in Week 4 of the Valley Pizza Challenge and welcome!  I haven’t eaten the pizza at either of these establishments so this week I was particularly interested in getting a first look at their wares.  We’ve got Big Y, a staple supermarket of western massachusetts that has dipped their toes into takeout … Read more

Mimmo’s Pizza vs. Roberto’s Pizza


Welcome to Week 3 of the Valley Pizza Challenge and it already feels like we’re starting to settle in!  This week we’re going to be spending time with a couple of pizzas from Mimmo’s on Pleasant Street and Roberto’s, also on Pleasant Street.  I’ve eaten the pizzas at both of these places before, though only … Read more

Domino’s Pizza vs. Pizza Amore


Welcome to Week 2 of the Valley Pizza Challenge! This week we are taking a bite out of the Domino’s Pizza (yes, The Domino’s) on King Street and Pizza Amore on Green Street.  This week was originally slated to include Joe’s Pizza and Spaghetti, but we ended up doing our tasting during lunch, and since Joe’s is only open for … Read more