Pizza House vs. Papa George Pizza


Week 4 of the Easthampton Pizza Challenge is upon us and after today we’ll have seen all of the pizza Easthampton has to offer.  Frankly, it has been a little disappointing, especially after some of the delicious pizza we had in Northampton.  But we still have to see what Papa George Pizza (you may want to mute your audio before clicking) and Pizza House have to offer.  Pizza House is directly across from Manchester Hardware on Union Street and usually has a sign hanging out in front offering Whole Belly Clams, which I have yet to partake in.  Papa George is a bit more out of the way on Route 10, across from Adamo’s.

Here is what our bracket currently looks like.  As you can see, the winner of tonight’s contest will go up against Nini’s.



Pizza House

Yum! Whole Belly Clams!

Yum! Whole Belly Clams!


Despite living close by for a few years I’ve only supped at Pizza House once or twice, and hadn’t had their Pizza yet, so I’ve been curious what their offering was like.  Scroll down and you’ll find out!


Papa George Pizza


They can afford two whole awnings, so you know this is no fly by night establishment.

There seemed to be more people working there than eating there that night, I think I counted about 5 or 6 people behind the counter.  So let’s hope all those people made our pizza better!


The Pizza

Pizza House on the left, Papa George on the right

Pizza House on the left, Papa George on the right, Rex looking hopeful lower-left, my big clompers lower-right.


We ended up getting two pies each, one pepperoni (what you see above) and one with green pepper and onion.  Despite not seeing any pepperoni on the Pizza House pie above, rest assured it is resting peacefully underneath a blanket of cheese.  There are some obvious differences between these pizzas.  First is the price.  Pizza House (left) cost about $35 total while Papa George was only $23 (I missed out on the coupon on their website).  Second, visually I can tell you right now I prefer the one on the right.  It just looks a lot more inviting.


The Crust

The Pizza House pies are cooked in pans, rather than directly on the oven floor, and we were a little disturbed by how perfectly round and featureless they were.  To me, pizza crust should be cooked from a wet dough in a hot oven and have lots of bubbling and airiness.  What we got from the Pizza House crust was crunchy with a hint of unexpected bitterness.

The Papa George pie crust wasn’t amazing but it tasted better and had a much nicer texture with some decent chew.

Winner: Papa George Pizza

Pizza House Category Papa George Pizza


The Flavor/Toppings

The sauce on the Pizza House pie looked and tasted like tomato paste, and it had a somewhat granular texture and bitter flavor.  The cheese was not much better, it was basically a congealed wall-to-wall carpet of dairy.  The pepper and onions was pretty decent, but the pepperoni was pretty much not noticeable, getting completely drowned out by the cheese.

I wouldn’t say the Papa George toppings were amazing, but they were definitely a step above Pizza House.  The sauce was real sauce, and the pepperonis were brightly flavored and multitudinous.

Winner: Papa George Pizza

Pizza House Category Papa George Pizza


Final Thoughts

There really isn’t much good to say about Pizza House’s pizza.  It is overly expensive, yet cheaply made and the result is poor.  Papa George was noticeably better, and it shows with the vote count, but objectively it is average at best.

I knew this was a rough night when I couldn’t get anyone to take leftovers home with them afterwards.

Winner: Papa George Pizza