A preview of Easthampton’s pizza joints


The dust is barely settling on our surprise result from the Northampton tournament and we are already revving up to start tasting some Easthampton pies!  The tasting will begin in the next week or so, but in the meantime here is a preview of all the pizza places in Easthampton, MA we’re going to be trying.  Here is the upcoming bracket:



It’s quite a bit smaller than the Northampton, and it’ll actually end up being half the total number of contests.  But we’ve got some good ones coming up.  One thing to note is that even though we tasted the Domino’s in Northampton, we decided that for completeness we will taste the one in Easthampton as well.

Here’s a quick preview of each place:

Antonio’s Pizza & Wings

Planted right smack in downtown Easthampton, Antonio’s is known for their slices (they share ownership with the Antonio’s in Amherst), and they have been a consistent and solid choice for us through the years.  I’ve eaten there plenty, and have never been let down.  They placed fairly well in the blind testing we did last year, though not at the top.


Adamo’s Pizzeria & Papa George Pizza

I’ve only had their pizzas once or twice and they are right across the road from each other on Route 10.  The reason I’m lumping these two together is not only their physical proximity but I remember them tasting very similar when I last had them, and I’ll just say I was’t blown away.  Neither did especially well in the blind testing we did, and are ranked between 3 and 4 on google rankings, so they definitely have an uphill battle ahead of them.


Nini’s Italian Cuisine

Nini’s isn’t just a pizza take out place, in fact it mostly isn’t.  It’s a dine-in italian restaurant.  But I’ve only ever had their takeout pizza, and it’s pretty good!  They actually won one of the two blind tests we did last year, so I have high hopes for them in this tournament.  They are located on Cottage Street, which is a nice little part of Easthampton, within walking distance to Mt. Tom’s Ice Cream!


Pizza House

I’ve only had their pizza once, during one of the blind tests we did, and it didn’t stand out for its quality.  I’ve had and enjoyed their fish and chips in the past, though!  It’ll be great to see what these guys are made of during the competition.


Domino’s Pizza

I would say it is a long shot for them to seriously compete in this contest, but I wanted to give them a fighting chance.  These guys are located next to Big E’s and across the street from Antonio’s.  I haven’t eaten their pizza yet, but I’m hoping they can give Nini’s a run for their money!


We should be getting to it pretty soon, so keep checking!