The Northampton Bracket


You might be surprised at how many take out pizza places there are in Northampton.  By my count there are 12 (let me know if I’m missing any), and here they are, in order of ranking by Google Ratings.

  1. Filo’s Greek Taverna
  2. Hungry Ghost Bread
  3. Sam’s Pizzeria & Cafe
  4. Pinocchio Pizzeria
  5. Joe’s Pizza & Spaghetti
  6. Pizza Amore
  7. Robert’s Restaurant
  8. Pizzeria Paradiso
  9. Papa Gino’s
  10. Mimmo’s Pizza
  11. Big Y
  12. Domino’s Pizza

Our goal is to figure out how this list really stacks up, and to pit them against each other head to head.  Once we’ve determined the best Northampton has to offer we will compare them to the offerings of our neighboring towns until we can name the best pizza town in the Valley!  Here is our seeded bracket, generously provided by!


Start with Week 1: Pizza Paradiso’s vs. Papa Ginos